Best Breweries in Fort Collins, Colorado



One of my favorite things to do in Fort Collins, Colorado is meet up with some friends and my dog ​​and go to a local brewery and have a cold beer. Especially if it’s a beautiful day outside. Fort Collins is well known for its abundance of local breweries and I’m excited to share what I think are the best breweries in Fort Collins.

If you’re visiting Fort Collins, I highly recommend checking out all the breweries on this list and seeing for yourself why they’re so beloved and trying their delicious, freshly brewed beer.

Odell Brewery

Odell’s Brewery in Fort Collins has a great front porch with plenty of seating. It’s one of my favorite breweries in Fort Collins, mostly because of the outdoor space. They frequently have food trucks outside so you can eat while enjoying your drinks. They also often have live music to enjoy.

The beer they have is always delicious, I personally really like the Peach Stand Rambler which is a peach blonde ale that is very refreshing in hot weather. If you don’t want to drink but want to enjoy the atmosphere that Odell has, they also offer non-alcoholic drinks.

Brewing Prost

Prost Brewing is a German style brewery with delicious beer. Meaning joy in German, Prost sources its ingredients from Germany and uses traditional German brewing techniques to make the most authentic German beer possible.

The interior has large wooden tables, board games, corn hole, and overall a very German vibe. Prost Brewing also has a Biergarten, which is an outdoor space with long wooden tables. It’s not my favorite outdoor space to have a beer out of all the breweries on this list, but the beer makes it worth a visit and indoors always has atmosphere.

new belgian brewery

New Belgium Brewery, one of Fort Collins’ most popular breweries, is located at the end of Old Town. This brewery has a large grassy area out front and a couple of tables. There is cornhole to play on the lawn and you can bring a picnic blanket to sit on.

The tables are often busy on hot summer days and weekends, so if you want to sit outside, you’d better bring a blanket. You can also sit inside, which has a nice atmosphere, but the outside is usually the most popular area to hang out in nice weather.

They also often have food trucks outside and the beers are great. New Belgium also offers tours where you can see exactly how their beer is made. The beer is always delicious and their tap selection is full of classic and seasonal beers.

maxline brewing

Maxline Brewing is a brewery located in downtown Fort Collins. Has good beer and is a great brewery if you’re looking for entertainment. This brewery often has live music from local artists along with other events. Be sure to check their Facebook page before you visit to see what events they have, you might be able to catch a comedy show or puppy yoga. The brewery is a small local business run by a couple from Fort Collins and it’s obvious they put a lot of love and thought into the brewery. Not to mention they have very good beer, my favorite is the Coffee Porter.

Jessup Farm Barrel House

Jessup Farm Barrel House is a hidden gem in Fort Collins that I don’t think many people know about.

It’s located in a commercial area that’s tucked into a nice neighborhood and Jessup Farm Barrel House has a different vibe than any other brewery in Fort Collins. Its atmosphere is more relaxed and has a classy bohemian style compared to other breweries.

If you are looking for a brewery where you can chat and hang out with friends, this is a great option to visit. You walk through a room filled with beer kegs before reaching their beautifully decorated tap room.

They also have a lovely outdoor space where you can enjoy your beer if the weather is nice. This brewery is usually not too crowded, which I prefer because I know I’ll always be able to find a seat. They have a wide variety of unique but delicious beers. This is a brewery that I highly recommend to everyone visiting Fort Collins!


Fort Collins, Colorado is home to several excellent breweries. It’s one of the best ways to spend a hot Saturday afternoon when you’re in Fort Collins! I hope you enjoyed my list of what I think are the best breweries in this beautiful city, cheers!


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