Best Travel Alarm Clock: Our Top 8 Picks



You go on vacation and you want to be prepared for anything. A great way to do this is to pack a travel alarm clock. Travel alarm clocks can come in handy if you lose cell service and can’t see the exact time, have no power, or just need reassurance that you’ll wake up on time.

Travel alarm clocks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and all have their own unique characteristics. Choosing the right travel alarm clock for you and your vacation is easier than you think. Read on and check out our 8 best travel alarm clocks!

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The 8 best travel alarm clocks

Wake Up Light Dawn Alarm Clock

  • simulates a sunrise
  • 7 sounds of nature
  • Customize your activation

The Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock is a digital alarm clock that uses light to make waking up easier. It simulates sunrise and you can choose between 7 different natural sounds or have the radio wake you up. You can also choose how long you want the light to gradually increase. For example, if you want the light to wake you up by increasing from 10% to 100% percent in 10, 20, or 30 minutes.

It also comes with a snooze button that will let you sleep for up to 9 more minutes after pressing the button up to 5 times. You can choose between 7 light colors and 20 brightness levels.

You can also turn on the light when you want to use it. This alarm clock works as an alarm clock, but can also function as a night lamp or reading light.

Travel alarm clock LiYiJJ

  • adjustable brightness
  • Multiple alarm settings
  • Displays indoor humidity and temperature

The LiYiJJ Travel Alarm Clock features an LED time display that allows you to set 3 different alarms at the same time. So if you or a family member wants to wake up later, the alarm can be set to go off up to 3 different times. You can also set it to ring at the same time every day of the week, Monday through Friday.

The clock has adjustable brightness for the time display, so you can dim it if it’s too bright when you’re trying to sleep. You can also turn the screen off and on with a noise of 50 decibels or higher or simply by touching the screen. This alarm clock also has the ability to display the indoor temperature and humidity. Overall, it’s a unique and manageable little watch!

Travelwey digital alarm clock

  • Simple
  • Charged battery
  • Digital clock

The Travelway digital alarm clock is as simple as travel alarm clocks. This clock features a digital clock with a light to make it easier to read and it works at a very basic level. No extra bells or whistles, just an alarm clock.

It runs on AAA batteries, so you don’t need to worry about needing electricity to run, making it especially useful for camping. It has a loud alarm, snooze option, and an on/off button that turns off the time display when you’re traveling, but still retains the internal time so you don’t have to reset it every time you turn it off. If you’re looking for a very basic, easy-to-use alarm clock with no bells and whistles, this is a great option.

Betus Travel Digital Alarm Clock

  • Laptop
  • multiple functions
  • easy to operate

The Betus Digital Travel Alarm Clock is a compact and lightweight alarm clock. It is easy to pack in a carry-on or bag, the size is 3in x 3.4in x 0.5in. This travel clock also has a number of features such as a large font display, date, day of the week, temperature and has a timer. The clock was designed with ease in mind and is quite easy to program and set.

  • Simple
  • It comes in various colors.
  • Rubber casing?

The Timelink Smartlight Alarm Clock is another simple alarm clock that is perfect for keeping time when you’re traveling or abroad. It has a snooze option that will snooze your alarm for 5 minutes. It also has a soft, all-day rubber sleeve that will protect it if it falls and helps keep it from getting damaged, which is great for tossing in your luggage. It is easy to operate and has basic alarm clock settings. It also comes in a variety of colors like white, hot pink, red, mint green, black, and blue.

marathon travel alarm clock

  • Charged battery
  • Shows a lot of information
  • The snooze button

The Marathon Travel Alarm Clock features a built-in folding stand that allows you to rotate the clock 180 degrees. The alarm also comes with a snooze button for when you’re not ready to get up for the day. This clock also displays the day of the week, month, date, temperature which is available in Fahrenheit or Celsius and is battery operated.

Peakeep Travel Alarm Clock

  • of batteries
  • compact and lightweight
  • analog clock face

Peakeep Travel Alarm Clock is quite compact and small, which makes it very easy to travel with. This clock measures 2.4 x 2.4 x 1.4 inches and weighs 2 ounces. It might even fit in your pocket. It has a large display of a watch face. It has an on/off switch for the alarm and a snooze button. The alarm has a button that will illuminate the face with a backlight so you can read your watch in the dark. The alarm has a four-beep ascending alarm that increases in volume until the watch is turned off or you press the snooze button. This clock is also battery operated.

Alarm Clock Mini Size Famicozy

  • No ticking noise
  • Compact
  • Basic Clock

The Famicozy Mini Size Alarm Clock is a small and lightweight clock. It’s almost half the size of a credit card and easy to slip into your bag or pocket. This alarm clock is also silent and will not tick.

It uses a quartz movement that prevents the watch from making a sound when it ticks. It also features a night light button that will illuminate the watch when you need to see it in the dark. As well as a snooze button that will let you sleep for another 5 minutes each time you press it.

The clock is battery operated and the alarm itself is a loud beep that sounds from low to high frequency to wake you up. If you are looking for a small watch, this is an excellent option.

Why you need a travel alarm clock

You should seriously consider packing a travel alarm clock to take with you the next time you go on vacation. They can provide a variety of benefits. As a guarantee that you will get up on time, it will work even in places with poor cell service, unlike your cell phone. In addition to providing a sense of security.

You can count on your travel clock to have accurate time and wake you up at the desired time of your choosing. They’re a great addition to your packing list and will likely come in handy on your next trip.

The different types of travel alarm clocks

Some of the different types of travel alarm clocks that you will find on the market are digital or analog clocks. As well as clocks that work with batteries or that use electricity and plug into the wall. Travel alarm clocks also come in a variety of sizes, from small enough to fit in a pocket, to the size of a regular alarm clock. Keep these things in mind when selecting a travel watch.

For example, if you are buying a watch to go camping, you may want to select one that is smaller and runs on batteries. Or if you’re staying at a hotel in another state, you may feel more comfortable opting for one that’s a bit larger and can plug into an electrical outlet.


Taking a travel alarm clock on vacation is a great idea if you want to be prepared and ready for anything that may happen. You will always have the exact time in your hands and you can trust that the clock will wake you up on time.

There are a variety of different types of watches that will be perfect for any type of vacation you have. We hope you found the perfect travel alarm clock in this guide! Looking for more packing tips? Click here to read our article, 10 Tips to Stop Overpacking for the Holidays!


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